How it works

The easiest way to pay your super. Because you only pay once.

One place to pay your super, one place to log-in, no matter who your employee’s super is with.

Direct entry or upload your payroll file, see or download a complete history of all your Super payments, made through SCH Online.


Simple. Intuitive and fast. For a small number of Employees our direct entry allows you to quickly and accurately complete your online super payment. Error notification helps you accurately enter and submit your payment. If you are in a seasonal business or have lots of casuals, the one button terminate and re-hire function saves a lot of hassle.

Uploading your payroll file couldn’t be easier. One upload file for all employees, no matter which Fund they are in. Our import wizard helps you get started straight away by accepting files from almost all payroll systems. You can also control your payments by using a secondary authoriser.

Once you have provided your contribution detail, SCH Online estimates the contribution payment due and provides a payment reference number. A range of payment options gives you flexibility, including EFT, BPay and Authorised Bank Transfer (ABT) payments. A receipt and tax invoice is available once your payment has been fully processed.

SCH Online matches your payment with your contribution data using the payment reference number. Of course if you accidently over or underpay you will be refunded or receive a request to make up the shortfall. Once your contribution and payment are processed, SCH Online splits and sends the payment and contribution information to the correct destination funds.

Sometimes the destination fund is unable to process the contribution, for instance where you do not provide accurate information. In these cases, the destination fund will return your payment and deposit it into your bank account.