How do I rehire a previously terminated Employee?

Direct Entry

You can either rehire an Employee prior to or while entering your contribution payment information. If you are midway through entering a contribution, save the contribution, return to the home page and follow the steps below. You can then re-open your contribution and complete the process.

To rehire an Employee:

1. From the online Employer home page, select Employee Management in the navigation at the top of the page and choose Manage Employees.

Opens in new window

2. Simply change the status field to terminated, then search the member ID, given and/or surname. Click on "Rehire", enter the date and click"Submit".

Opens in new window

Opens in new window

Payroll File Upload

Rehiring Employees is incorporated in the file upload process. When a rehired Employee is uploaded, the system will automatically recognise the Employee and link their Superannuation Account back to you as the Employer. You will see all Employees who you have newly rehired in the Upload Summary part of the payroll file upload process.

Please refer to How do I upload my payroll file and make a contribution?