How do I make a contribution?

You can make a contribution by Direct Entry or by uploading a payroll fileOpens in new window. To make a Direct Entry contribution follow the simple steps below, to find out how to make a contribution with a payroll file click hereOpens in new window.

Direct Entry Contribution

1. Once you are logged in to your online Employer account, from the homepage, either select the outstanding contribution for the period you wish to pay for, or select the “Create additional contribution” button.

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2. Enter the contribution dates you wish to pay for and click "Continue"

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3. Choose "Direct Entry" to access the contribution grid.

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4. Enter in the payment amounts for all of your default employees (your employees who belong to the fund you have logged into), and select the “Check other fund contributions” button, or select the tab labelled "Other Fund Employees"


5. Enter in the payment amounts for all of your choice employees (your employees who belong to other funds), and press 'Continue' to proceed to the Contribution Summary

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6. Review the contribution totals and click 'Make payment' to continue to payment details

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7. Click Confirm payment to submit your contribution.

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8. After you've submitted your contribution, you can print off a copy of your payment pledge or finalise the contribution pressing 'finish'.

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